United Services

At United Services, we are determined to uphold the highest standards of integrity and hard work. Our team is dedicated to cultivating strong and enduring relationships with our valued customers. We are deeply committed to providing exceptional services that exceeds our clients' expectations, ensuring their complete satisfaction every step of the way. When you choose to work with us, you can trust that you are partnering with a reliable and trustworthy team who will serve as a true partner in your project, delivering outstanding results that you can count on.
Knowledge and Experience 
At United Services, we believe that continuous learning and growth are essential to achieving excellence. We approach every project as an opportunity to expand our knowledge and hone our skills, and we are committed to delivering exceptional results to our clients.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the solar energy industry, we have successfully completed over 700 megawatts of power across 7 different states in the United States in the past 4 years alone. We take pride in our ability to handle complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.

Our team of experts is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest industry developments and technologies, ensuring that we can provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Whether you are looking to install a new solar energy system or need assistance with maintenance and repairs, United Services has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Founded in 2018, United Services LLC is a North Dakota-based company that has honed its knowledge and expertise in the oilfield industry for eight years. In 2020, the company underwent a significant transformation, expanding its focus to include the renewable energy sector, with a particular emphasis on utility-scale solar power. As a result of this strategic shift, the company relocated its headquarters and established a new presence in Texas, reinforcing its commitment to providing innovative and sustainable energy solutions. With a strong foundation in the industry and a forward-thinking approach, United Services LLC is well-positioned to lead the way in the renewable energy sector.
Your Partner 
United Services has successfully completed a wide range of projects, each with its unique set of challenges. Our collective experiences and adaptability have enabled us to establish a company that embodies our core values of integrity and superior workmanship while fostering enduring client relationships. Our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction is reflected in our approach to each project, where we strive to serve as a trusted partner, providing exemplary support and expertise throughout the project lifecycle. Our clients can be assured that they are working with a reliable and trustworthy team, fully invested in their project’s success.

Meet Our Team

Abraham LeBaron

Abraham LeBaron has years of experience in the construction and oil field industries. Abraham is also fluent in both Spanish and English, which allows him to connect with a wide range of clients and team members. He has owned a construction company and a trucking company in the oil field industry, and has expanded into the utility scale solar farm industry. Abraham is a tech-savvy individual who is always looking for new ways to move the business forward, and is known for his exceptional leadership skills. He has a talent for organizing and motivating teams, and is dedicated to ensuring that United Services continues to grow and thrives.

Vern Ray

Vern Ray is a highly motivated Business Relationship Manager with years of experience in the construction and oil field industries. Vern has a passion for seeing the growth of United Services and is grateful for the opportunity to enter the solar energy industry. In 2020 Vern took the lead in moving United Services in the utility-scale, solar farm industry He is fluent in both Spanish and English, which allows him to connect with clients and team members from diverse backgrounds. Vern is known for his exceptional ability to understand the needs of clients and is highly motivated to ensure client satisfaction. He possesses strong leadership skills and is dedicated to developing and motivating teams to achieve their goals. With his experience and passion for the utilities-scale solar industry, Vern is a valuable asset to the United Services team.

Enos LeBaron

Enos LeBaron is a highly skilled project manager with years of experience in the construction, and oil field industry, and begin working in 2020 in utility-scale solar farm installation. With fluency in both Spanish and English, Enos is able to effectively communicate with diverse teams and customers. As a dedicated and hard-working professional, he excels at managing larger teams and delivering exceptional results. His leadership skills are second to none, and he is committed to ensuring high-quality workmanship on every project. Enos has a proven track record of success in delivering projects on time and within budget and is a valuable asset to any project.